At Sea

When emotions swell, we can get swept up in currents.

Emotional high tides usually don’t show us how to come to solid ground. Sometimes we must dive deep into our feelings in order to find our way to clarity.

This is not an overnight process.

You may experience extreme highs or lows because of the state of our world. This actually takes you outside yourself and makes it hard to concentrate.

If you find yourself at sea, know that the best antidote is submersion.

There are several ways to do this, depending on the intensity. You might find a friend or even a therapist to talk to; this gets the feelings out and helps you gain perspective.

The right cause or group that supports your concerns can galvanize you and reassure you that others share your values. Or you might feel the need to push forward on a project because you must give birth to it.

Meditation and reflection is recommended. Don’t let yourself or someone close to you get too hungry; when the Moon is in Cancer, a well-timed meal can quell an outburst that you might otherwise regret.