IMG_3985Forecast 8/8

When the moon is in a cardinal sign, it goes through the path that triggers the outer planet energy. This has been happening since 2008, and depending on your personal horoscope, it may be something you have to deal with quite personally.

Pre-dawn the moon in Capricorn lines up with Pluto, which may create intense and/or revelatory dreams. Gather your thoughts before you begin your work day, because morning presents conflict in the form of conversations, communication and self-expression.

Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing; it leads to growth, clarity and decision-making. Sometimes you don’t really know what you want until you’re presented with what you don’t want. High noon can bring unexpected encounters or news.

Keep present. It is important to pay attention to your environment and not be distracted, especially by electronics. An ah-ha! moment shortly after can bring momentary resolution. The afternoon/evening presents several opportunities to make outstanding connections. These can be personal or in dialogue.

By late evening a Mercury/Saturn picture suggests the necessity for tailoring conversation; listen carefully and avoid any cavalier emails or texts.

If you’re operating a vehicle take the responsibility seriously (always a good idea, but tonight more so). No one may want to be a designated driver, so sometimes a couch is the better choice.

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