IMG_3876Forecast 7/30

Dreams may be compelling, confusing and/or delicious; waking can be a bit of a jolt.

You might want to jot down impressions to help you release the fogginess that may cling longer than usual. Don’t spend a lot of time mulling over it now, but do move on from it as quickly as possible.

Morning potentially presents upsets so pay attention to so that the surprise is minimal. This is not necessarily bad, but a reminder that sometimes it pays to be ready for anything.

Projects launched today have a strong base to succeed in communications and service. After 9 a.m. ET, is a good time to approach someone with a proposal, send out an appeal or make an overture to connect.

The Virgo Moon supports any activity that has to do with service, craftsmanship and health. Powerful time to initiate a health or work routine that lasts.