cc_panForecast 9/22

The Virgo Moon continues to provide a healing influence and encourages simple acts of kindness. Any therapeutic activity gets exponential results, so go for that massage, group meeting or take the yoga class.

It may not be easy to make certain commitments or decisions, but the ones that can’t stick will quickly disengage. In other words, this is an excellent time for weeding out. Pluto goes Direct at 8:36 p.m. ET. Something is revealed.

It is highly possible that this can make anything started at this time, bigger because it packs a psychological punch. This includes any events that occurred the day before.

The Climate March is a direct affront to the conventional wisdom of the nation’s energy policy. The International Day of Peace appeals to a higher consciousness than what is popular, if reality TV is any benchmark. We cannot ask for world peace if there is hate or fear in our hearts and there are few of us who have none. Yet we all can work on changing within, which does make a difference.

Since Pluto goes Direct on the heels of these two powerful gatherings, it certainly looks like something noticeable gets unearthed.

The Fall Equinox occurs when the Sun enters Libra at 10:29 p.m. ET. The equinoxes occur twice a year, when day is equal to night in length. The Autumn Equinox signals the “fall” of the Sun in the northern hemisphere, which marks the onset of shortening days. This year’s particular equinox doesn’t volunteer much astrologically; that means there isn’t a lot of strong pictures in the horoscope.

It almost could be read as indicative of the reticence of world leaders to truly engage in the big issues on the world stage. Yet themes about food, women, the divisions of religious fundamentalism and overall education won’t go away.
The big influence is through the Divine Feminine, which does not sit well in the greater world arena. The Divine Feminine may change the value structure, so that children, nature and creativity are prioritized. Although the Feminine is resurfacing, it does not seem to be embraced in the greater world view- yet. It cannot be suppressed.

To me it seems as though the Fear of the Divine Feminine is that the Ego will be swallowed up; we will return to a tribal culture with no celebration of individuality. I would say that after the “1” millennium, we are recovering from an obsession of the sanctity of the individual and reverence of the phallus (after all, it was a “1” for a thousand years). Now that we’re in the vibratory energy of the “2” millennium, the emphasis is on integration.

We may go back to a tribal culture if we don’t make strides environmentally, because any survivors will have to start again. But if we successfully negotiate bridging the feminine with the masculine, oh what a marvelous world is in store for us… or rather, generations to come. It is still early on in this millennium, so all we have to do is look at the news and see the struggles.

This Fall Equinox indicates that ambivalence, which prevails on each one of us to make more definitive choices. Later in the week may be the right time to put in motion new ventures, but don’t delay any impetus for decisiveness.
As an individual, these are themes to reconcile in your own life. The Equinox is about Balance; how comfortable is the see-saw of your life? How does the segmentation of work, home and pleasure sit?

For many people, the “pleasure” aspect can be the most fraught. Our society focuses on pleasures of consumption to drive economy, but these pleasures do not necessarily fill a person. Shopping, drinking, sugar, electronics and entertainment are all pleasures that may distract more than provide balance. Only you know how the after-effects of these pleasures sit with your psyche’s digestive system.

So if the demands of your life leave you little time for true pleasure, give yourself some reflective time. What activity would increase balance in your life, whether work, home or pleasure? Sometimes a pleasure may surprise you. For instance, many people get true pleasure out of volunteer work or championing a cause.

I’d love to hear what gives you pleasure?