NH Endorsement 2016

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton today. As far as the astrology of the endorsement, the moon was void-of-course/VOC*

In his speech, Sanders noticeably stumbled a bit on Clinton’s energy policy, as though he wanted different text on the teleprompter.

This unconscious trip over words gave silent testimony to the weight of his concession.

The issue of fracking and other environmental concerns still looms. The question is— did they agree to not announce a mandate against toxic fuel policies at this time? Or has he truly tabled talk against fracking until after the election?

Many people have a strong distrust of Clinton, but their astrology suggests that Sanders is not one of them. Did she and Sanders come to agreements that are as yet unknown? I ask these questions because of the Grand Trine in the horoscope of the time when he clearly stated that he endorses her. Mercury is high in the sky next to the Sun. The communication planet Mercury is in harmonious aspect with Mars (the warrior planet) and Chiron (the wounded healer). What is most important here is to get a message of effective action to the people.

Mercury is in the sign of Cancer, which reverberates back to the Moon. Although the moon is traditionally void-of-course/VOC*, it does make one aspect to the dwarf planet Ceres.

Now Ceres is not a planet, but when many astronomers demoted Pluto to dwarf planet status, they elevated the asteroid Ceres to the same designation because its size was comparable to Pluto. Ceres in Aries is strengthened by that Grand Trine. This indicates that Sanders’ endorsement does buoy Clinton up, but it is at the cost of those firmly aligned with environmental issues. Ceres is the Harvest Goddess. In opposition to the Libra Moon, there will be many who feel an inability to reconcile with his decision. The Green Party gathers.

Yet in traditional astrology, Ceres would not be considered at all. The overall thrust of this announcement is “nothing comes of it”. So no minds were changed by this announcement, or very few.

I do not believe Clinton uses an astrologer, because if she did, I’m skeptical that a good one would choose this time for Bernie’s endorsement.

Sanders has very dynamic transits just after the Democratic Convention; he will either come out as a strong member of Clinton’s team with mandates for the environment or we can expect another upset.