Big Out-of-the-Blue Distractions —

I pulled up to departures at JFK and scanned the area for my brother. He was supposed to meet me as I handed off my mother for a flight to Florida.

No brother, but the ding of a text came through. Yet it wasn’t him, but the airline texting me that their flight was cancelled. I hadn’t expected this. Yes, it was raining and a bit misty, but a cancelled flight? I just arrived at the requisite 2 hours beforehand. The text was a bit late.

I didn’t want to leave my 90 year old mother in the car, but I didn’t have much choice. I told the large, imposing security guard that I’d be right back. He eyeballed me directly and told me to hurry.

In the terminal, I discovered dozens of flights had been cancelled. I went back to the security guard and explained my predicament; I had to rebook and I had to leave my mother in the car. “OK”, he nodded. “She’ll be OK”.

To secure a flight the same day, I finally found an attendant who told me that I had to take her to Newark. He said it like it was a dare.

“I need my brother on that flight too”, I told the attendant.

Although this whole situation was stressful, especially for my mother, I did get two boarding passes. My brother finally arrived, highly impressed that I’d managed to book another flight. It was a lot of driving, but for them, a lot of waiting at Newark.

I’m sure they will appreciate their destination even more, once exhaustion subsides.

I tell this story because of the Jupiter/Uranus configuration in the sky at this time. It has an incendiary energy to it because Mars is also in Aries like Uranus. It’s very easy to get angry, anxious and distracted.

Jupiter tends to expand whatever it touches, and because of hyped-up energy about change, that may feel what needs to happen.

With Jupiter in Libra, relationships are catalysts for change. Pay attention who crops up in your life at this time. It may be conversations with strangers or unexpected turns with people you know well.

Whatever situation is presented to you, do your best to take the wide view. This doesn’t mean that you must answer every call or react to every signal. It means be alert and keep your eye on the intended goal.

Tremendous accomplishments can happen when you keep equilibrium.