hopscotchForecast 8/18

The Libra moon symbolizes a desire to connect, make friends, invite discussion, debate and plan strategy.

Because Libra is a cardinal sign (one of the signs that begins the seasons) it will make geometric connections with the outer planets Uranus and Pluto. Because of this, discussions at this time are particularly intense, profound and may invite terrific change.

If the idea of this appeals to you, make overtures in your intended direction. however if this is something you shy away from, know that you may find yourself swept into it regardless.

This may not be personal all we have to do is look at the news and realized that our world is in a tremendous state of flux. so you may find that the only confrontation that comes up today is in the news. As you know, this does not mean it won’t affect you. we are all affected by what happens in the bigger world.

Anything you initiate at this time has strong possibilities of excellent results.