The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The ancients marked it as the rebirth of the Sun, after roughly three days of long nights.

Yule time reveres Fire, bringing lights and roaring fireplaces into action to put the looming darkness in sharp contrast.  Ideally this time brings us back to the delight and wonder of childhood.

If your childhood experience was not one of joy, then every year you have the opportunity to create a new story. If your childhood was joyous but you’ve lost that feeling, you too can tap into the deep creativity to make the holiday your own. Your Solstice and holiday is up to you, at least in the quiet moments. The present is a gift. The Solstice period coincides of course, with the official birthday of Christ, the ultimate celebration of the Divine Child.

Every baby born is a mystery and promise. With the darkness of this Winter Solstice, bring in the potential of a rebirth and new beginnings. On its heels is the Capricorn New Moon, encouraging you to make the dream real.

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