Cover: Born to Run

In Clarence’s words: “Bruce and I looked at each other and didn’t say anything, we just knew. We knew we were the missing links in each other’s lives. He was what I’d been searching for. In one way he was just a scrawny little kid. But he was a visionary. He wanted to follow his dream. So from then on I was part of history.
… ‘You’re crazy, man, Springsteen ain’t going anywhere!’ But I could see my future playing out ahead of me like a movie, I knew it was going to happen. It wasn’t about money, it was about love.”(1)

When I heard we’d lost Clarence Clemons, the great saxophone artist who bridged R&B/blues/jazz and rock ‘n roll into his unique sound, I wept. His sax had made me want to get up and dance when I was getting over my first love affair.

Years ago, it was an E-Street Band medley that I played the Friday night I’d been told my baby would be induced Monday. I danced until the labor pains came, as my little darlin’ decided it was time to join life’s party. Thank you for that too, dear Clarence.

I am not a music critic, but I do know that the “love’ Clemons referred to sang loud and clear in everything Bruce and he did. Not only were they making magic in music, but the obvious fact of their egalitarian relationship made subtle changes in acceptance of racial unity, as pointed out in Ben Mankiewicz’s post on Huffington.

Clarence Clemons was a Capricorn, typically someone who works hard at what he does and aims to be the best in his field. They are not known for flashy attire (but Clemons did have Venus in Aquarius, an attraction to the unusual) and his rising sign (persona) probably accentuated this tendency. I don’t have his birth time, so this can’t be determined. His moon was in Scorpio, emphasizing the Sun’s work ethic and focus on his passion, music.

Bruce Springsteen is a Libra; he thrives on partnership. After a brief marriage (in 1985 when Neptune was transiting his Sun… he was confused!), he has had a long marriage and children with Patti Scialfa, another band member. But his friendship and creative partnership with Clemons is an irreplaceable loss. Looking at the two men’s horoscopes, we can see complementary connections with their Moon and Venus placements. The moon sign reflects what makes us feel comfortable and Venus, what attracts us… so Clemons’ quote was accurate: it was about love. I’m not talking sexual, I’m talking a much higher octave.

Springsteen has the Sun at 0° Libra, giving him the ability to connect to the world arena. This placement in itself won’t make a person great; there are many points to discuss in the Boss’ horoscope, but today I simply want to focus on the two men together. Clemons’ Neptune (inspiration) was in close degree to Springsteen’s Sun sign, which indicates the creative well he provided to amp up the wattage of the Boss. His North Node (destiny point) connected with Springsteen’s Saturn (symbolizes structure, responsibility), providing him with the foundation he sought. Clemons wanted to work his craft for a big vision and when he met Springsteen, the two together were an engine.

Clemons’ Sun sign was in Capricorn, close to Springsteen’s Jupiter (expansion, fortune). Clemons’ own Jupiter and Saturn made nice connections with Springsteen’s Neptune and Jupiter, making this astrologer wonder if the two friends benefited from father healing through relationship with one another. This kind of strength in a relationship supports longevity, success and stamina, which they definitely used in their legendary marathon concerts. PART II

(1) France: Land of Hope and Dreams