Clarence Clemons worked with artists other than The Boss and left a musical legacy that will outlive him for generations. For Bruce Springsteen, this loss will have an impact on his music and perhaps open him into other modes of self-expression. At the time of his death, transiting Saturn (limits, fear) has been going over Springsteen’s Libra planets. Since one of the points involved is his South Node (past-life), it is unlikely he would even seek to forge another partnership of this intensity.

Because Pluto (transformation) is in the sign of Capricorn, it will trigger all of Springsteen’s Libra planets, step-by-step. At the time of Clemons’ death, transiting Pluto engaged the midpoint of Springsteen’s Sun (ego, sense of Self) and Neptune (spiritual love). This is a very important point for such a great artist. Once he comes to terms with the loss (which will probably take a few years), I think he will deliver a very big message.

He has made albums without Clemons and will again. I would imagine the next few years he will walk an acutely solitary journey. He is no stranger to reinvention, but Clemons has been his muse since he was 22 years old. With the North Node in Aries, it’s time again to cut his own path. The hole that Clemons leaves activates a restless desire to communicate. Never one to shy away from taking a political stance, his voice may become more forceful. He could get more involved in representing causes dear to him or direct a film; born with Mercury retrograde, it will become clearer what message that is after autumn 2011.

Hard for a fan to imagine, but it’s possible that Clemons’ fame will increase with his passing. The eclipse occurred a few days before his death, lighting up the axis of Springsteen’s first house (persona) and 7th house (partnership). I believe Springsteen will celebrate Clemons’ life through song and story. Springsteen introduced him last in his concerts and often referred to him as “the greatest human being who ever lived.”

In this out-take from the famous “Born to Run” cover, Springsteen is no longer on the platform that made him appear taller than the 6’4″ Clemons. His face is in shadow behind his reclining friend. Although taken in 1975, this picture has a particular poignancy today. Transits show an astrologer when a person makes leaps or shifts in his path, but they are particularly painful when they are triggered by loss of someone deeply loved.