mercury direct_autumnA Burst of Self-Determination

Regardless of whether or not you live in the States, this season of the U.S. Election has been one of high anxiety.

But in these initial days after the Scorpio Moon, there is a tremendous momentum to move forward.

The sense of doom and foreboding that has overwhelmed so many, is actually a choice. You get to decide if you will be overrun with fear or if you can pump up with positive expectation.

If our world is truly a projection of what we think, you want to make those thoughts exuberant.

As we hesitate on the threshold of change, each one of us gets to decide what that looks like. Some run back to a past that feels comfortable, even though it wasn’t that good. Others dread what they feel is inevitable disaster.

There are all kinds of variations of outcome, some of which are desirable. Why fill your head with possible downward spirals?

Think instead of what you’d like to see. Plan what you’d like to make happen. Invite in options of growth. Soar high with your dreams and if a thought enters that bums you out— change that channel.

Fire up for a new tomorrow.