Cancer Full Moon 2017 —

The emotional scale of this Full Moon is quite high. There is a wild card element to it and the sense that anything goes. This means that the investment someone has in the outcome of a proposal or project is a bit all or nothing. No risk is too great nor price too dear.

As a result, the game may be too rich for some and not worth the work for others. The Cancer Moon is lit by the Capricorn Sun, so your work reflects in your home life. If they are not in balance, an upset occurs. Divisions must be outlined; how do you hold emotional equilibrium in spite of outside demands. Do they intrude into personal space?

The Sabian Symbol for the Cancer Moon at 22°27″ is “The Meeting Of A Literary Society”. This image can show the tension of a value. When one participates in a society that reveres literature, there is an allegiance to culture and education. It may contrast or support one’s home connections, but it does reflect a community that is larger than the nest.

The Sabian Symbol for the Capricorn Sun at 22°27″ is “A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat”. This powerful image mirrors the responsibility that goes with the privilege of having a home. One might say that to have a home is a right for all people, but this is not the world in which we presently live.