Cancer New Moon 2017 —

What’s fresh for you at this time of New Beginnings? On a New Moon, you are given an opportunity to wipe the slate clean with new perspective.

Every 28 days, when you allow yourself this psychic reboot, you refresh the spirit. The Cancer New Moon occurs on 6/23/17 at 10:31 PM ET.

The Cancer New Moon might trigger longings for a new home or redecoration. You might find yourself with greater zest for your garden.

Dialogue or responsibilities with a family member may be prominent. Sometimes a person feels a tug to visit the ancestral homeland.

The home is your anchor and respite from the challenge and stress of the outer world. Some people just need a suitcase, others a harbor far from society. Does your home provide you with the nurturing you need to feel grounded and secure? If an adjustment needs to be made, now might be the time to consider that.

You can act on these impulses or design ways to incorporate them over time. You don’t have to initiate something that has any of these themes, but you can take advantage of the momentum and start whatever you like.

The ideal is to let the idea “cook” and germinate at the New Moon. However, this particular point in time has such fire that you may not be able to sit long on the nest.

Someone from the past or a memory may resurface and cannot be suppressed. Another possibility is fascination with a temptation that’s impossible to ignore. Passion dominates this New Moon.

Nonetheless, no matter how intense a draw may be, it can quickly vanish if something of greater captivation presents itself.

The art of this particular New Moon is to be clear on what you want to make happen. Then you can embrace an obsession but move on when the opportunity to capture the true goal is revealed.

The gift comes with a willingness to release from attachment. Cancer is the sign of the crab. The myth is that a crab can grow back its claw. They will self-amputate for their own survival. This is a metaphor, to remind you at the time of the New Moon: is there anything you cling to that might be to your benefit to discard?

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