The July 5th eclipse falls at 13 degrees; the Capricorn Full Moon is lit by the Cancer Sun. This is the same degree as the Sun in the USA birth horoscope. Yes, the eclipse is a trigger for the US and indicates (among other things), a reassessment as to how the country wants to position itself as it evolves within this millennium.

Pay special attention to what happens over this weekend insofar as how the country expresses itself (the leader of the country is that mouthpiece). This reveals a truth that may be hard to digest. Yet anyone who has ever transformed their life after an addiction, toxic relationship or limiting belief knows that they first had to become conscious of it, embrace it as truth — before they could choose to discard their identification with it.

Any ultimatums, declarations or decisions at an eclipse have an unpredictable outcome. A lunar eclipse is a time for endings.

Depending where you are in the US, you might watch the eclipse to make up for a lack of fireworks. It won’t be a dramatic eclipse, but it’s always nice to gaze at the moon if weather permits. The exact alignment is 12:44 AM ET on July 5.

Of course, many people have and will be streaming “Hamilton” (the Capricorn Moon falls in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 10th house of career near his midheaven). There will be those who go to firework displays in spite of warnings for safe protocol. One thing about eclipses, what they ignite tends to manifest over the next month or so. The last time we had these same degrees of summer eclipses was 2001. We can expect volatility to continue into Autumn 2020, especially as Mars goes retrograde.

If you’ve seen my video on the summer 2020 eclipses, you already know they mirror the volatility we experience. I will create another for autumn, but if you’ve not yet seen this one, here it is —

I refer to the 1619 project which provides perspective that has not been offered to many US students in their history class.

It is not an accident that the 13th Amendment, so pivotal to where our country is today was worded with care: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Consider the inordinate number of black and brown people incarcerated in the United States for crimes that white people don’t suffer…. possession of marijuana, petty theft, DWI and more. 100% of able-bodied prisoners are a work force in the US; they make less than $1/day. The USA, land of the free has more people in prison per 100,000 than any other country in the world.

The United States needs to roll its sleeves up, explore its history, meet its present and embrace its future. The only way we do is through a revolution over the next couple of years. 2020 is the breakdown year — the statues that have toppled are symbols of the structures in finance, education, government that we walk by every day without observation of their punitive impact on the growth of our society.

A graceful and peaceful revolution is only possible when all people feel included. This seems impossible, but the eclipse indicates that through responsible commitment we can get there. Each of us has a responsibility to act in ways that support it. We have to move past our tribal separation and listen to the other without disgust and rejection. This is a practice.

If you know where Capricorn falls in your horoscope, you can see the area of life triggered by this eclipse. This is where your commitment may increase, in your work or to what you feel responsible. Often we confront a fear or hesitation as we step up. Since the moon is being lit by the Cancer Sun, our roots want to inform this responsibility. We want to integrate what is most important to our sense of home with how we work and achieve.

For the USA, this is a reckoning. In the ideal, a democracy aligns itself with the will of the people. For an individual, how or if you work may have shifted with the pandemic. The bottom line is the USA is poised to create a more sustainable status in how it operates in the world. As it heads towards its Pluto Return, where will it choose to put its wealth and power?

You might be at home in quarantine and thinking — oh I can’t do anything — I care about all this but what can I do? Unless you’ve lost your job, even small donations to groups that empower the voices of youth and the disenfranchised can help. Prayer and meditation, energy healing and support for a cause, either financially or through letters and phone calls are all ways to expand the vibrations of conscious evolution.

Let’s build up non-violent messages. Each of us can work to control that in ourselves. Those behind the comfort of their blinders can experience them burned off with these eclipses.

On July 5th, the asteroid Vesta is right there at 13 degrees Cancer. We often see Vesta, goddess of the hearth, in event charts with fire or explosions. Fireworks will go off, but does that have to lead to an extreme?

The goddess of the hearth wants everyone to be invited. She feeds the hearth and heart of country and home. Vesta’s symbolism is to provide warmth, access to food and clean water. Those who surround her hearth gain basic comforts and community.

That is what she nourishes. When she’s not heard and some are denied her warmth or reject her message, it flares up and gets very hot. An untended hearth is no longer a comfort but a danger.

A virus feeds on fear and denial. Right now the USA grapples with the virus of racism. It’s critical that we emphasize the rights and respect for all people in work, access to water, food, education and financial reward.

Global economy is changing; it’s not going to be based on the same economic paradigms. The United States clings to slave labor through the guise of prison labor. The USA is a nation in denial. If you don’t want to be part of the dysfunctional family that the July 5, 2020 eclipse shines a harsh light upon, then be part of the change.

These viruses will be here as long as we need until we receive the message. It’s not an accident that the endemic toxin of prejudice in the United States has come to blatant awareness at the same time as COVID-19. This coronavirus continues to morph and scientists say we cannot know the long-term consequences it will have on the body for some time. If you had chicken pox as a kid, you may know the pain of shingles as you’ve gotten older. The ramifications of COVID-19 on the body can be far worse, perhaps even for those with a mild or asymptomatic case.

Consider the virus of racism, how it has morphed and the effect and trauma it has had on generations. When I look at Vesta in the eclipse chart set for Washington DC, she burns in the 4th house — the very roots and inception of the USA. It’s time to burn away the denial of the faults of the nation. All must be welcome at the hearth.

It’s not an exaggeration to state that this is about the very survival of humanity and what is it we want to be as human beings — at least for the USA.