A Capricorn New Moon traditionally encourages the seeds for career and status goals.

The Capricorn New Moon of 2016 leans towards the New Year. It gives the opportunity for the long view— what are you working on?

Where do you want to be?

How has the journey gone?

If you’ve stumbled, gone off the path or been defeated… are you ready to get back on track? How important is it to you?

Has the goal changed?

Do you even know what the goal is…. and if not, what do you need to get that level of commitment sparked?

The power of this particular New Moon is very disruptive.

On December 29, Uranus goes Direct at 4:29 AM ET which sometimes manifests as an actual unexpected event— a symbolic or physical earthquake. Because the Moon is in Capricorn, it heightens the probability of an earth-related occurrence. Expect an upset.

Capricorn reminds us of our physical limitations and boundaries.

The New Moon is exact on December 29 at 1:53 AM ET at 7°59”. It’s Sabian Symbol* is “Birds in the Home Singing Happily”.

This symbol can be interpreted several ways. Often when we think of birds in a home they are caged. Since this is more than one bird, they enjoy the community of one another. They are happy as they communicate in song.

According to those who know more about them than I, birds sing to declare their territory, warn or show off.

As someone who loves songbirds, I certainly want them to be happy and to sing.

Since they are caged in the symbol, it’s a reminder of the limitations that we must impose on ourselves if we are going to hold up to a commitment, responsibility or a goal. It’s the “happy” part that’s such a strong reminder— does the goal mirror what you truly want to do?

As in a working marriage, there is no point in holding the contract if a partner really is not fulfilled within it.

We take on our obligations because they reflect who we are. If that is not the case, perhaps that long journey needs to take a fork in the road.

This particular New Moon seems to reflect the divisive chords we continue to hear in the USA. As we look to the end of 2016, what is something you need to make a personal mandate?

Step up to your moral high ground and look to see who else you know on that plateau. Gather your resources for the slow and steady climb. And prepare a great playlist for the road.

This post had more questions for you than usual, but New Moons are always a great time to have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Since this occurs at the threshold of the New Year, what do you feel the call to do in 2017?

The New Moon Gathering takes place on December 29 at Ixchel in Hartsdale

For basic guidelines on how to make the most of any New Moon