Ephemeral Waterfall ©Cucinell 2014

Ephemeral Waterfall ©Cucinell 2014

Forecast 6/18

The Pisces Moon receives support from Neptune (the planet symbolizing imagination and spirit) in the wee hours. Dreams may be vivid yet illusive.

A Venus/Jupiter picture in the dawn sky enhances any dealings with romance and the arts. You may wake with a sense of expectation and wonder.

Find ways to buttress this throughout your day: wear something that makes you feel wonderful, even if you work at home. A delicious scent or glorious bracelet augments the feeling.

A meeting or encounter with someone in a position of power may present an opportunity to change everything for you; it all depends how willing you are to take a high dive.

Keep alert to possible distractions; there’s no point taking a detour if it does not lead to your destination. Those who keep clear on the vision are the ones poised to make it happen.

The evening may take a serious tone, but this doesn’t mean dour. Put yourself with people or the someone who means the most to you. Beautiful music resounds; it’s all about Love.

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