img_4939Capture the Power

You feel the power within you to accomplish any goal, however, with dawn’s light it may be snatched away from you.

Don’t succumb to the old stereotype of not being able to supply what is needed. Not only can you create a momentum and be a catalyst for change, but know that the first steps are a given.

What do you truly believe?

Even though most of today’s thoughts are about voting, you can consider any system in which you either take a stand and declare your opinion, or remove yourself from the process.

Here on the threshold of the US election, so many people feel at odds, disenfranchised, unheard – regardless of the country they inhabit — and harbor tremendous distrust for the candidates or those in power.

Get in touch with the roots of why you care. What does an election mean to you?

Many people who are intensely passionate about the right to vote are those who come from countries of corruption or places of origin without an option to vote. If you do not vote, take an opportunity to realize why.

Citizens who have a cavalier attitude about voting or think it makes no difference either come from a position of privilege or a generational message that their vote doesn’t matter. It’s a spectrum that unites people, but not in a way that empowers.

The voting and political system in the U.S. (and other countries) is up for reevaluation; any institutional system undergoes scrutiny when Pluto is in Capricorn. There are two ways to create change: from within and from outside.

I don’t know that true change occurs without integration.

In other words, if a system or person changes within, it reflects in the outer world. And if change occurs from outside of the system or person, it makes no lasting impact unless the change is absorbed and accepted organically.

So regardless of whether you want to embrace your power in relation to a government system or if the issue feels more personal, tap into the root that connects to Love. Whether you’re casting a vote or building a new business, allies strengthen your message.

We connect with allies when we let down the walls and feel the Love.