sqcirForecast 4/22

A Mars/Jupiter picture on Earth Day completes the other side of the square of the Cardinal Cross. Since these planets are engaged with the slower moving Uranus/Pluto square, the energy hangs on for awhile.

The spinning Earth is a sphere framed by this celestial box. The sacred geometry of this configuration gives us a moment when we can encapsulate the energetic components at play on our Earth today.

This may not be easy to navigate, but it does feel charged and alive. Make sure your head is aware of where your body is going; sometimes the thrust can get ahead of the step and a clumsiness occurs. Because so many options tug, you function best when the direction gets focused.

digital_detoxEnjoy an Earth Day activity. You might want to limit your electronic exposure. Put the cell phone on airplane mode, write on lined paper. Give yourself a digital detox, for however long you can stand.

Moments of inspiration fly in the late evening.

Depending on where you live, it’s well worth looking to see the stars that flank the quarter moon.

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