thunder_sunsetForecast 8/13 

There’s a reason to get up early today, although not everyone welcomes the unexpected. A Sun/Uranus picture in the early morning signals excitement, change and inspiration.

If you feel confused or lack direction this morning, it is essential to make time for spiritual refreshment. Meditate, pray, do yoga, take a walk in nature or volunteer to help someone less fortunate. These are all methods to connect with something greater than yourself.

It is helpful to get out of the ego head (which limits objectivity). The Leo moon encourages playfulness and creativity. if that’s not happening for you today, at least find a window in your brain to plan when it might.

This is the dark of the moon period. At this time, it’s best to release old business or recycle it in anticipation of something new. essentially you want to clear the decks for tomorrow’s new Moon.

It may appear as though someone or something is in your way to prevent obtainment of your hearts desire. A close look may reveal that your biggest adversary is yourself. It may be time to evaluate how to get out of your way and accept responsibility for the attainment of your dream. Sometimes the dream does not last, but that does not lessen its value.

firefliesWhen my daughter was three, I demonstrated how to catch a firefly. I dropped it in to a large jar with a metal cap punctured with nail holes. One by one, we delightedly captured fireflies until the jar buzzed with light. At the end of the hunt, I told her we must free the fireflies.

Of course, she debated this with me: she would take them in her room, care for and watch them. I told her that in spite of her good intentions, in the morning they would be dead. Soberly, I helped her turn the lid and we shook the fireflies out into the wide night.

Once again, she laughed as they soared and dipped in the sky to perform their mating signals.

For years the firefly gathering and escape ritual was part of our summer evenings after visitors and dinner. Often other children joined in the search. One evening an aggressive boy was shocked when the lid was spun counterclockwise and the fireflies released. We explained why and he eventually calmed down.

Years later, that boy is in college for Environmentalism.

The point of this story is that even though the dream may morph into a direction you don’t expect, it is essential to chase the dream. When we go for the dream the angels have the opportunity to present us with other options.

Whether or not you collect fireflies, tonight is a great night for outdoor theater, a spontaneous party or social event.

New Moon Gathering tonight at Wainwright House – register here!

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