Caught in the animated gif

To continue yesterday’s thought, how or why to break free of what may feel like an animated gif?
it's not fair
Not only is it the comfortable experience of: this feels familiar, this is predictable… but there may be resistance to change.

What would a relationship look like if you change the script?

It’s appropriate to change some and life-threatening for others.

death-cardWhen I did the Psychic Detective events in NYC, all 50 of us received the same instructions: “nothing negative, only 3 minute sessions and remove the Death card from the deck”.

Of course, every reader I talked to, whether tarot, psychic, medium or intuitive had the same reaction: you can remove that card, but if the message is about irrevocable change, it will come through.

Yes, sometimes the Death card means that someone in the client’s world is leaving the Earth plane, but more often than not it means that “life as you’ve known it is ending”.

Most adults know what that means— to name a few: a move, lost job, lost lover, divorce. Many of us go through multiple “deaths” in a lifetime.

Relationships that evolve and grow also go through cataclysmic transitions. If you experience a disruption in the routine of a relationship, you might consider loosening your grip. That doesn’t mean toss it out, but it may mean that it’s time to gain perspective.

There’s no advantage to going through motions that prevent growth.

If you’ve suffered a recent loss or eruption in a relationship, you might give yourself permission to rail at the injustice or experience the well of emotions: starting with anger or grief.

Find a safe place to allow the flow. Surround yourself with the right people, a calm environment and no demands, if only for a brief period of reflection.

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