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Prince: Death and Astrology

Prince The artist once again known as Prince died the morning of April 21, 2016 in his home. His death dovetails with how his life unfolded: shock, surprise and the unexpected. Prince was born with a Venus/Uranus configuration: Venus reflects how we love and attract....

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The astrology of Hillary Clinton: Election 2016

The astrology of Hillary Clinton: Election 2016 In 2008 I wrote a blog on Clinton's horoscope and her run for that Democratic Primary. At the time I alluded to her Scorpion mantra: "I Will Survive!"  As I read the blog today, much of what I wrote still applies— except...

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Bernie Sanders: Astrology of the Candidate for President

Bernie Sanders: Astrology of the Candidate for President Astrologer's disclaimer— I do not have the verified birth time for Bernie Sanders, so this analysis may have timing issues. When we have the exact birth time, we have terrific results for accuracy. So here goes....

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The Astrology of Donald Trump: candidate for U.S. President

Donald Trump: birthtime June 14, 1946, 10:54 AM, Jamaica NY. One absolutely great thing about The Donald and his run for president is that we have his verifiable birth certificate time of birth. Because of the fracas that he (and others) raised during Obama's run, it...

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Pope Francis and Astrology

When the Papal Conclave declared Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new Pope, the Uranus/Pluto square indicated his placement would precipitate irrevocable transformation. To quote why he chose the name Francis: "He brought to Christianity an idea of poverty against the...

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Robin Williams Astrology RIP

I don't know where to begin about Robin Williams… he was always on the tube as I stumbled as a young woman, he was everywhere, like a friend... In the mid-80s I would watch him with nervousness, care and love- Robin, will you make it? I had become more skittish about...

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Robin Williams Astrology and Death

Robin Williams was born in late degree of the sign of Cancer, so at the time of his death he had yet to experience the big kick in the pants that would happen with the Pluto transit to his Sun. He must have had a huge initiation to it however, as it was in opposition...

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Marianne Williamson: a Clearer Playing Field

Marianne Williamson threw her hat in the ring several months ago to be a candidate for U.S House of Representatives for California's District 33. Yet she would run against the popular Henry Waxman which seemed to be counterproductive. A progressive person already in...

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