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September 2016 Lunar Eclipse Astrology

September 2016 Lunar Eclipse Astrology Eclipses can be a roller coaster, and this is the third in a row of three. Confusion and slight of hand may be some themes of this eclipse. Tempers may be short and patience nonexistent. Beware of whining and passive aggressive...

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SEPTEMBER 2016 Astrology Forecast

SEPTEMBER 2016 Astrology Forecast- all times ET:  The VIRGO New Moon occurs on September 1 at 5:03 AM ET. The degree of the New Moon is 9° Virgo 21”. This is a Solar Eclipse which follows the wild card August Lunar Eclipse. There is another Lunar Eclipse; a Pisces...

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Lunar Eclipse Astrology AUGUST 18, 2016

Lunar Eclipse Astrology AUGUST 18, 2016 It may be difficult to sleep in this morning; you may have had a restless night and/or dawn breaks and the day beckons. The culprit for this buzz is today’s Lunar Eclipse which is also the Aquarius Full Moon. Eclipses usually...

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Rainy Day Special! Astrology and/or tarot phone session

It's time for my Rainy Day Special! Enjoy a 1/2 hour astrology and/or tarot phone session for about half the regular price. Limit 1 per person; use now or save for a "rainy day". Rainy Day Session: 1/2 hr phone session Half Hour- Limit one per person $50.00...

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Leo New Moon August 2016

LEO NEW MOON: AUGUST 2, 2016 The juice of this particular New Moon has spice, fire and momentum. Mars re-enters Sagittarius after its lengthy retrograde and retrace in Scorpio. There is an “out of the gate” exuberance with this New Moon as it gallops towards the...

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Astrology Forecast – AUGUST 2016

Astrology Forecast - AUGUST 2016- all times ET: The Leo New Moon occurs on AUGUST 2 at 4:44 PM ET. The degree of the New Moon is 10° Leo 58”. There is a rogue Lunar Eclipse in August 2016; an Aquarius Full Moon on AUGUST 18 at 25° Aquarius 52” at 5:26 AM ET. Although...

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Capricorn Full Moon JULY 19, 2016

Astrology JULY 19, 2016 The Capricorn Full Moon shines over today. A Mercury/Saturn picture in the sky supports any message that has to be delivered, regardless of the impact. This may require a step up to responsibility. An unexpected occurrence may change plans; how...

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Jupiter in Libra 2016 – 2017: what to expect

Jupiter in Libra 2016-2017 On September 9, 2016,  Jupiter begins its 13 month journey in Libra through October 10, 2017. When the planet of good fortune and expansion is in Libra, the sign of partnership, it’s pretty clear where your luck will come from—...

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Astrology Summer Solstice 2016

Summer Solstice Astrology JUNE 20, 2016 This is the second Sagittarius Full Moon of 2016 (we had one in May); this one is 29° Sagittarius 13” at 7:02 AM ET. This is a very challenging Full Moon; there is no escape hatch for those who might prefer to avoid...

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