dianaForecast 5/8

Creative focus is high in the early morning.

A directed prayer or intention catapults action.

Productivity excels when you narrow your focus.

Expect to make an adjustment mid-afternoon. It needn’t derail you unless you hold too fast to the by-the-letter plan. As long as integrity is intact, how you get there is not as important as the end result.

A meeting of the minds can entangle or eventually get over a hump. Its a matter of determining what needs to be composted and what has intrinsic value.

Sometimes we resist a transformation because we are unwilling to have the dream be anything other than what was originally conceived.

Whatever fears may come up tonight, trust in a Higher Power’s guidance. This opens the gates and allows you the adaptability to soar.

A sudden disclosure or event in the late evening may lead to a new take on an old subject.