scrooge_libra moon Forecast 12/25 The moon enters Libra at 1:17 a.m. ET on Christmas Day. The Libra Moon creates a different mood from the last few days, as a strong sense of justice pulls at the frame of poverty at lack.

A Mars/Uranus picture indicates possible unrest which may reflect on the world stage. The Libra moon then skates through geometric configurations with Uranus (the unexpected), Mars (the warrior) and Pluto (transformation/power). This is not a picture of peaceful harmony.

Within your own home or gathering, be alert to difficulties; on the other hand, it is possible to meet situations head on and change habitual ways of relating. This can be revelatory and game-changing, but no one said it was easy. Ask for Grace.

Working to create positive change within your own environment has a ripple effect to the greater world. Even if your Christmas is peaceful and everyone gets along, there is the opportunity to shift something that has become stagnant.

This is the day many celebrate the birth of the divine child. Christmas reminds us that all children are gifts and each one of us came into the world as a promise and a gift. Remember this and ask to continue to reveal your gifts to our world.

May today’s Libra Moon find you in delightful conversation, with a sense of peace and an overall mindset of good will. ©Cucinell 2013– all rights reserved