muppets-christmas-carol-dinnerForecast 12/24

Christmas Eve
with its Aquarius Moon promises crackling activity and overall good will.

Enjoy an evening with lively conversation, although a Mercury/Uranus picture indicates repartee with an edge or shock. Be hyper-alert on the road or walk, especially if there are icy conditions. The same holds true in conversation.

Keep in mind that people want to get along at least in the abstract; make this your endgame. Often to be effective in a relationship, one has to assert an opinion, even if it’s not popular. It is one thing to curb subjects to avoid arguments or heated disagreements (a common occurrence over the holidays). It’s another thing to suppress important parts of who you are to please another.

True loving relationships thrive in environments where differences are accepted.

May you have a day filled with vivacious exchanges, warm smiles and kindness.

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