IMG_0728Forecast 12/16 

The Uranus/Pluto activity from yesterday may feel a bit personal, especially in the wee hours.

You can sleep through it (although dreams may assert themselves) but if you’re awake, feelings can be disruptive and intense. Yet whatever comes up can be on its way out, if you’re consciously working through it.

If you get into a “thing” with another person, be sure you see your part in the discussion. Finger-pointing usually does not lead to resolution.

This can be a highly effective day to mitigate, negotiate and compromise. Put your shoulder to whatever task you choose to put your concentration. A reward comes through that justifies right work, so make the choice that mirrors your passion.

In the evening, Mercury enters its walk through Capricorn, which can slow down communications over the next few weeks, while increasing exactness. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, but may feel a bit leaden to the fire/air folk.

Last class of the season at Wainwright House for Astrology Language Immersion is tonight… if you like to talk astrology….join us!

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