Meet John Doe

Forecast 8/29 Fast-moving energy that carries away those involved in communications, networking, humanitarian work or television/internet.

A Sun/Pluto picture emphasizes the power in action and whatever is in motion.

Another picture between Mercury/Saturn encourages the strength in clear and exact messages. Yet because of haste and misinterpretation, some will not make the grade.

To avoid that happening, do not let the illusion of NOW rush your intention. Read anything you write with the objectivity of another person’s perception.

Understand that no matter how you say something, someone may not be willing to receive it. Determine whether you want to deliver the message regardless or if you can wait for another day. Some disagreements cannot be avoided.

The Aquarian moon also sets a mood to meet people, party or be with like-minds. Find a nice place to share community, even if it’s only via the web.

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