robinForecast 4/24

Early morning risers may experience a power-play.

This might be an actual confrontation, or something internal that surfaces. Recognize that it comes up on its way out and meet it head-on.

You may feel prepared to do battle, but this isn’t necessarily a ferocious feeling. Gather the resources you need to get a sense of your inner warrior.

This can serve you for any goal to accomplish or dragon to slay. Be conscious and make sure your assertiveness is directed appropriately, especially during the commuter swing.

Reach out to people you need, want to talk to since the ability to communicate is exceptional until the Moon goes void-of-course/voc* at 1:04 p.m. ET.

A Venus/Pluto picture in the late evening adds intensity to any relationship. If you are avoiding an addiction or unhealthy bond, be prepared for appropriate distractions to allay the pull. For those who enjoy it, a long soothing bath restores.

*Moon VOC/Void-of- Course… in Cancer, be by the water, time with family or sifting through memorabilia. May be a lovely time to enjoy a picnic or meal with no time constraints. If you find yourself in the work environment and encounter situations that are reminiscent of family, it is helpful to observe if this is constructive or an illusion? More about the Moon VOC