life-of-pi2Forecast 5/13

The Scorpio Moon supports any endeavor you want to put your whole heart and soul into; this is not time to be timid.

Exploration of finances and weighing the consequences of actions is very keen. Be aware that conversations may not be as clear as you’d like; it is essential to parrot back what you think was communicated, especially in the late afternoon.

Feelings may be hurt as needs take precedence over what someone might prefer. This is not necessarily irreconcilable, but does require direct confrontation, which can be difficult at this time. Keep in mind that people may react on survival mode more than deductive reasoning.

Since we’re approaching the Full Moon, it is useful to take the time required to listen, consider and shore up a sense of security. Some people panic about finances and/or health.

Consider the state of the global and national economy and the decay of our natural environments. When the global hits a tipping point, the effect in individual’s lives explodes. This has been the case for some time and your personal way of coping has more to do with overall outcome than you may think.

If you are having a rough time or have people around you who are, the best antidote is to gather your emotional resources and allow them to buoy your potential for survival.

More about this with the Full Moon forecast, but for now if you experience any turmoil today, give in to meditation and allow yourself the full breadth of peace. Each time you do this, you strengthen not only your own sense of the continuum, but that of everyone around you. Once the quiet surrounds you, a lovely night to curl up with a mystery or metaphysical book.