bedCorrect the “Wrong Side of Bed

Your day is not determined by the “Wrong Side of Bed”, but by how you correct it…

The phrase “I got up out of the wrong side of bed” has been used to forgive a bad day. If you encounter initial grumpiness (whether in the mirror or from your cohabitants), you have the power to turn this around.

When the Moon is in Aries, its easy to flare up at any grievance but its just as simple to burn it off; your choice. That choice can determine the course of your day, so make it count.

angry-childSometimes a “dream hangover” can exacerbate an encounter you might otherwise ignore.

One of the daycare teachers my daughter had wrote a song called the “Happy Road”. The kids would sing about how they could choose the “angry road” or they could choose the “weepy road”.

Of course, they would act out the moods as they sang.

happy-childThen they would loudly chorus that “we have the power to choose the happy road!”

Some mornings need a reminder that a turn in your mind makes all the difference. Once your orientation is positive, you can reap the benefits this day has to offer.

Since the Sun and Jupiter are in auspicious alignment, you can enjoy tremendous results for the efforts you put out.

So carry a bright umbrella and don’t let a little rain dampen your parade!