Astrology Forecast 7/18/12: Yesterday’s disquiet has not gone away, but the battle of the wills may have abated.

Mars continues his journey, next to confront Uranus, so avoid driving past 10 p.m. ET, to bypass the nuts who barrel around like they’re in a padded cage.

Continue to avoid conflict; a quick sidestep can turn a conversation. You may want to spend time at home, but some of the most restorative moments are spent on the beach or anywhere you can gaze at water.

This is the night before the New Moon, Hecate’s time- the darkest night. Hecate is often depicted as the crone and she is feared, because women aging and entering their full wisdom have not been appreciated in our “appearance” culture. However this is changing, partly due to large groups of women aging with a grace and sensuality that had not been supported for millennia.

At the dark of the moon, we enter into this sacred space: the two sides of Crone hold the wisdom of her longevity and the promise of new beginning. The surest wisdom of crone is to continue her legacy through stories and her methods of survival, taught to her by the women before her.

You don’t have to be female to honor Hecate and the crone’s wisdom, but you do have to acknowledge her power. This time of the year, it is often the most visceral for people regardless of gender, because we are in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the sign linked to mother, roots, ancestry, your home, the food of your childhood, the food that today nurtures and sustains you and your overall comfort level with what you can “stomach”.

Use this time, this evening to reflect on your past and what pieces of it you want to allow in your future. With the coming New Moon, you can be the architect of your new emotional home and how comfortably you abide in it.

For those local to Croton-on-Hudson, I facilitate a New Moon Gathering: Seeds for Growth at Opal Moon tonight at 7 pm (the Cancer New Moon occurs 12:24 a.m. tonight. Call 914-788- 4955 for reservations and information.

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