Don’t have your horoscope wheel? You can create one here. The calculator is European, so if your birth time is P.M., then input it military style.

Once you see a picture of your horoscope, you have to hit the “redraw” button underneath.

This seems to kick in the adjustment necessary to create the proper chart. Otherwise your Rising Sign/Ascendant may not be correctly displayed.

This free horoscope wheel is provided for entertainment only, compliments of Astrotheme. Astrotheme is a fun website with a mountain of data. They also offer a “cookbook” printout of your astrology data. Most people find this overwhelming. If you want that information distilled to something of value to you, then see a good astrologer!

I have provided this calculator because readers have asked how to get their horoscope to understand some of my posts. When I refer to a New Moon or eclipse for instance, if you have your chart you can see the area of life affected by that celestial event.

When you calculate your chart here, your results may not be accurate. Basically, if it seems to work, it’s probably right!  The best way to verify that your horoscope wheel is correct is to have it drafted by a competent astrologer.

 A trained astrologer recognizes when a chart does not look right. Usually prior to calculation, s/he has a picture of it conceptualized. Computers make it so easy to pull up a chart, yet a sound foundation in how that horoscope is made enables an astrologer to recognize any error.

Sometimes an incorrect input or technical glitch produces the wrong chart. This usually requires a quick adjustment, but one has to know to do that.

If you have been told your Rising Sign/Ascendant before and this calculator matches that, then your results are probably sound. If you’ve never had your chart done, keep in mind the image you create may not be accurate. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to begin to explore astrology.