birdwatchersForecast 4/6

The Scorpio Moon asks you to find time to gain perspective and renew.

Early morning meditation refreshes the spirit, but may be a luxury that’s hard to find. Even a 5-minute sliver of calm while waiting in line or staring into space can help.

A Mercury/Jupiter picture in the morning imbues any conversation or correspondence with optimism and opportunity, whether or not it sticks. This provides terrific focus for writers and students.

A Sun/Uranus picture in the mid-morning suggests unexpected events. Pay attention to your surroundings so you can take advantage or dodge whatever may come your way, depending on what it is.

Later in the afternoon, it is possible that a pleasurable or advantageous pursuit has a responsibility to it that you may choose to take or not.

Whatever problems or projects come up stimulate, even if they frustrate. Although the path may be uphill, a curious mind keeps you from feeling stuck.

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