Where, oh where are the Daily Astrology Posts?

Many of you have subscribed for the 10 years that I’ve written daily astrology posts. My father used to say “nothing is as sure as change”. Yet even though I felt the momentum to write the posts changing, it took me awhile to shift.

Then when I stopped, it took time to formulate the new concepts.

This is typical of someone with a lot of fixed sign energy (these are the signs that sustain the seasons— Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Inertia is our way. We do, what we do. what we do… and when we stop — we STOP.

We must rest, consider, take it in, before we begin to roll again… because when we do, we are in it for the long-haul.

Everyone experiences transits and progressions (movements of the planets in relation to your birth). These movements trigger “stuff” — what exactly is “stuff”? Anything — you name it — it’s all reflected in your horoscope.

In my case, the “stuff” is that it is time to increase visibility of my work. The dailies were too stagnant to make that happen.

So the time has come to offer the the public the weekly audio snapshot that I do every week.

We launched this past Monday on BlogTalkRadio. Now people can listen streaming or on iTunes. For years this program has been available by subscription on StokeTheFire.guru.

Master Healer Suzy Meszoly joins me to give a meditation to augment your ability to maximize the week’s potential. The BTR offering is an hour show. Check out this week’s or mark your calendar to listen on Monday nights at 8 PM ET.

We don’t all have an hour every week. That’s why if you want the encapsulated content, you’ll want the subscription. This gives you just the forecast and the meditation.

For a limited time, we offer 2 great incentives to sign up for the subscription. Enjoy your first 6 weeks at 1/2 price or for a super gift, a year’s subscription gets you an hour phone session with either me or Suzy, your choice — subscribe at StokeTheFire.guru

Let us know what you think!

Stoke The Fire: Pamela Cucinell, astrologer and Suzy Meszoly, Master Healer