Forecast 9/11 The emotional waters even out today, even though there may still be some conflict between what you want and what should happen. Whatever surfaces from within you needs to be looked at, or you won’t get a handle on your inner current. If you don’t recognize what’s driving you, eventually you may be surprised at the results.

Here in NY, it will be a long time before 9/11 is a day without an emotional charge. Even so, many people may notice a shift, especially later in the day.

If you’re experiencing a crossroads within a relationship, this can be a reckoning day. Whether or not you decide to compromise or draw a line is totally up to you.

However, ignoring the situation is not an answer… the opportunity will return. The Moon is void-of-course (VOC)* from 5:58 p.m. until 11:01 p.m. ET. At this point, it’s best to kick back and reflect.

The Moon enters Leo at 11:01 p.m. which can stir up fire and air sign people. Unless you’re willing to be jazzed, try to get to bed before then.

My blessings and love to you all on this day of remembrance. Get and give at least several hugs today… sending a virtual one to you now.

*Moon VOC/Void-of- Course… in Cancer, be by the water, time with family or sifting through memorabilia. Lovely time to enjoy a picnic or meal with no time constraints.

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