Deep Thoughts

Christmas Day and Hanukkah celebrations this year may sharpen the shadow of those who are gone or missing. It is never appropriate to bury a grievance, whether raw or an ache.

However there are ways to quiet the pain and one of them is to somehow ritualize the loss. You might light a candle specifically for that person or experience. The telling of stories or memories may help. Share photographs or videos.

The Scorpio Moon suggests that moods may be charged with emotion, but full expression of the feelings falls short.

That’s why some kind of movement or activity can soothe any frayed edges. Venus creates a picture in the sky to encourage convivial connections; people want to be together even though it may be hard to truly connect.

Get as close to the subject as possible, then breathe into the realization that may be as far as you can go— for now. The mood changes in the late evening, when exuberance and a desire to explore breaks through. For those still awake, it may be a long night.