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Fall Kill, Hudson River ©Cucinell 2014

Forecast 7/6

Writers do well with early morning bursts of creativity. Correspondence can be tremendous for those who like to chat first thing.

Don’t overextend promises, however or you may find yourself double-booked. The moon is void of course/voc* at 11:31 a.m. ET through late afternoon.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 3:33 p.m. ET. This sets up an evening for deep conversation, reflection and planning. You may want to schedule time with someone special or to give yourself time alone.

Water is very restorative: a swim, a bath or gazing at a lake. After such an active weekend which probably had social demands as enjoyable as they may have been, the need to recharge is what sets you up for a productive week.

Give yourself some quiet time, however you like to do it. Later in the evening, is also possible if you’re out in the world or online that a romantic encounter gives you a jolt. Or you may find something unusually engaging about your regular companion.

You don’t have to act on this sudden attraction, but you get to decide if it’s simply a fantasy or something to explore.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Libra, enjoy a museum, music, dance. It may be lovely to be with someone you love as long as you don’t initiate any major discussions.

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