pluto-LargeForecast 7/14

The Moon goes into Cancer at 2:14 a.m. ET.

Shortly after a Venus/Saturn picture may install a sense of lack, especially if you’ve a proclivity for that (and if you’re awake). This feeling does not need to hang around, if it comes up, recognize it and then plan to eradicate it.

If something limits you, take stock on how that can be at least modified. As the day continues, this is the Dark of Moon period before tomorrow’s New Moon.

This can be a reflective period, but if circumstances don’t allow that, you may feel a tug towards introspection in spite of high-profile demands. It is a perfect time to wrap up anything that you don’t want to take into the next lunar cycle.

It is also a perfect time to decide what you’d like to initiate or take ownership of in the opening days after the New Moon.

It is no accident that we are getting a clearer picture of Pluto at this time. Tomorrow’s New Moon encourages new beginnings and in tandem with the exploration into our outer solar system, it symbolizes a deepening of self-knowledge. More about Pluto’s New Horizons project…

If your demands won’t let up, at the very least wrap the day up with a twilight swim, bath, sauna or massage.

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