Moore's DreamersDivination: Astrology 1/4/15 

As you transition from the restful well of sleep to wakefulness, give yourself time to savor the wisdom and wealth available. This is always valuable as you move from restorative slumber into the demands of your day.

However, your early morning meditation/reflection and creative inspiration is especially rich today, even if at first you don’t realize why or how.

Today’s Scorpio Moon heightens the intensity in the room; this may stimulate you or overwhelm, depending on your comfort level with deep connections.

People with water or earth signs strong in their horoscopes may find the next day and a half particularly productive. Don’t shy away from opportunity when it presents itself.

The evening presents many resources, so allow yourself full range. Consider interesting proposals, even if you don’t jump to commit.

Sow seeds or long-range goals because the spark exists to bring them to life. Even if you can’t give a dream your 100% today, acknowledge its importance as often as possible.

You might see some flash if you’re out tonight, since the Quadrantids meteors peak at this time.

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