trump 1987As of his primary win in Indiana, Donald Trump now looks like the presumptive nominee of the GOP. Here’s some astrology context.

The last time Saturn was in the position it is in today was 1987. At that time, it headed towards a geometric picture with Trump’s natal Sun and Moon.

Saturn symbolizes discipline, personal authority, responsibility, limits and fears (because nothing limits us as much as our fears). When a “transit” of Saturn comes in contact with the natal Sun, it is time to pay up, own up and hone down to everything but priorities. The impulse to shine is restricted.

When Saturn contacts the natal Moon, it symbolizes constriction in relationships especially with women. You feel as though there is not enough love, comfort or nurturing. If you haven’t been accountable, or taken care of the health of your business, relationships or body, it is reckoning time. Since Trump was born at a Full Moon, when the Sun is affected by a transit, so is the Moon.

In 1987 he was launching his book The Art of the Deal. In a speech from Hampton NH he spoke about how America was a “disaster”, but he would not run for president.

If you read the speech today, it has the same message as his current impression of the USA. In 1987 he admitted that the presidency required way too much kowtowing for the Donald; he wanted everything on his terms. He was riding high, garnering a great deal of attention and was convinced he had the Midas Touch.

Yet in 1988 when the Saturn/Sun/Moon picture was exact— he tipped from his book on the NY Times bestseller list, to excessive purchases and bad deals. He cheated on his wife with 3 children, which yielded splashy media attention. He left in his wake multiple business bankruptcies without seeming remorse from his hubris.

Trump horoscopeThe reason that Trump did not accept personal responsibility for all these brash and bad decisions was because the banks had backed him. They were as guilty as he. As a result, he did not suffer personal bankruptcy.

As the present Saturn transit echoes that point in time, the media and voters back Trump. They keep him hoisted high in the same manner the banks did in 1987-88. Yet this is an unsustainable crutch.

If Trump wins the election, the country will feel the effects of his bravado. As his businesses and marriage failed in the late ’80s: Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza and Trump Shuttle, so too may follow the US economy.

If we don’t get the lessons of Saturn during the first cycle, it comes back in approximately 28 years to see if we are ready this time. All indications are that Trump is not taking responsibility.

A key figure in how this plays out is his wife, Melania. More on Melania to come…

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