IMG_1467Forecast 4/20

Let’s consider metaphors. It is not surprising that Easter begins the tight configurations in the sky that close in over the next few days.

Easter is perhaps the most well-known of the great stories of resurrection, since it is the crux of Christianity. Yet unlike the myths of Osiris or Dionysus, Jesus Christ was a living person, so his story has carried throughout the continents and time.

Without getting into a religious discussion, which is never the intent of this blog, I do want to talk in astrological metaphors. It is Jupiter that initiates the tight configuration of this Cardinal Cross.

Jupiter was a Sky God, and symbolizes our need to question- stretch to the limits for the truth. It is only through a quest that we gain wisdom and glimmers of truth in religious seeking. The Jupiter urge does not swallow dogma whole, but searches for the boundaries of understanding. Jupiter begins this powerhouse configuration by engaging Uranus (the first Sky God).

Uranus symbolizes unleashed horizons as when our gravity began to form. These two energies together suggest glimpses of inspiration that goes beyond the verbal; this is not an easy nor overnight process.

Then Jupiter in its faster orbit confronts Pluto, which symbolizes irrevocable transformation and power. So it is our need for knowledge, our quest for truth that prods the possibility of change and rebirth.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the timing of this celestial picture presents a possible mirror in the story of Jesus’ resurrection and his message of love and forgiveness.

Since the moon is also engaged in this activity, you may react very emotionally at this time. If you feel you are between “a rock and a hard place” the coming Cardinal Cross may tip the balance, but perhaps not before you truly feel squashed. This is temporary! The planets are not causing this, they are simply echoing the stress of a period of profound transformation.

Because it requires a release of past patterns, some of us do get flattened before we can power up. It all depends how these planetary transits are directly activating your personal horoscope. If you have felt thwarted, don’t be discouraged.

My colleague, Suzy Meszoly says that the Master Teachers (who she channels) see this Cardinal Cross configuration as a portal. They call it a “quantum window” and view the square that seemingly surrounds Earth as a portal which allows us to be transformed: conscious evolution, if you will.

So regardless of what may be occurring, you are the director of your life story. It is helpful to do your best to move from attachment to the material: things, money, certain people. The identification with ownership is part of what can trip you up at this point in time.

concrete_treeIf you are holding on tight to what you have or what has been, it might be time to ask yourself why? You cannot stunt growth by sheer force of will. Anyone who has ever lived where concrete is poured over soil, has eventually seen a root system break through the surface. In its search for light, life pushes through any darkness, as long as it takes.

Even if you feel secure and love your present status quo, it may need to shape-shift in order to survive. This is a reality of our time on the planet.

The past several years have been percolating with change, and this particular week sets up some large movement possibilities. The geometric pictures formed by the planets support our thirst for resurrection.

We have created the catalyst of change, whether ready or not. Get in touch with the part of yourself that trusts Faith. Let it bolster you through this tumultuous time and remember that no one ever got through the birth canal without a struggle.

In more intimate terms, the Capricorn Moon presents an opportunity to concretize thoughts and work through challenging relationships. This is not necessarily easy, but a realistic desire to get along helps to open up options.

Arguments may flare up in the late evening; the odds are that the fight is not worth the effort.

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