July 2019 is an eclipse month. The July eclipses are part of a Saros Cycle — eclipses that occur every 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours. All Saros cycles have esoteric themes, developed through careful observation by metaphysicians.

This cycle is 3° North. Bernadette Brady synopsized 3° North in her book, Predictive Astrology“This is an over-excessive eclipse family. It’s main theme being either news involving young people or news that transforms a situation. This i  nformation can cause worry or can cause the person to become obsessive. The individual may want to undertake large plans or activities which can be very positive as long as the individual doesn’t get carried away.”

When Brady speaks about “the individual”, she refers to a person, country or company that is triggered by these eclipses. We all have Cancer/Capricorn somewhere in our horoscopes, so certain areas of your life receive the spark of the eclipses. How deeply they affect you depends on whether they “hit” a specific planet or angle in your horoscope. Regardless, we are all affected — especially when eclipses hit points on a country or world leader’s horoscope.

July 2019 opens with the Solar Eclipse/ Cancer New Moon on July 2 3:16 PM ET at 10°38″.

Use the time before this eclipse to wrap up projects and clear your desk for a fresh start. The planet Saturn (symbolizing limits, work and fear) is in Capricorn with the South Node. The South Node symbolizes information/karma from the past that we bring to whatever situation we deal with in the present. Pluto, also in Capricorn ramps up the tension.

This is intensified for the United States. Pluto indicates that we are due for irrevocable transformation. The South/North Nodes travel in Cancer/Capricorn as we approach the USA Pluto Return in 2022 — the country born on the 4th of July, engaged in profound metamorphose*.

This solar eclipse shows an attachment to what’s hard, divisive and focused on lack. Regardless, It behooves us to look at where blame is placed and how we might bridge that. Blame goes nowhere; what’s required is creative problem-solving.

The eclipse triggers the Cancer Sun of the USA horoscope. The rift between the people who live in the nation and their needs continues to be at odds with predetermined structures that no longer serve. This New Moon Eclipse teases out avenues for new roads. There may be just glimmers, but options crack open.

The North Node in Cancer awakens the need to find family, harbor, hugs and home. In the USA, the increased focus on the border and treatment of families who seek asylum demands accountability for what kind of government represents “we the people”.

Solar eclipses can have an effect up to 3 to 6 months before they occur and up to one year afterwards. If you sense any lack or resistance in your ability to feel at home and collect hugs, welcome the eclipse potential of inspiration.

The last Saros cycle 3° North occurred in 2001. That was an exceptional year that shook the world — the question is, has more Light come into human consciousness?  Have we made good decisions? In 2001 when George W Bush had just taken office, he’d received Intelligence before and after these eclipses indicating the terrorist plans that led to 9/11.

There is NO reason to expect a similar catastrophe at this time, but each of us must be alert to what we add to the pot of psychic fear.

George W Bush has a Sun at 13° Cancer, as is the Sun in the USA horoscope. The eclipses in 2001 were in very tight orb to that degree. It was a horrible “perfect storm”. There has been a slight shift in the tightness of the degree as the cycle moves, which with great optimism, may speak to overall consciousness evolution.

What prominent person or country is affected by these Saros cycle eclipses in 2019?

With full admittance that I do not have the luxury of trolling every world leader, country and shaker — I do work intuitively. It is not a stretch to be aware that the Democratic debates happened within 10 days of the Solar Eclipse. The seminal astrologer Charles Jayne stated that events that occur 7-10 before an eclipse work out in an unexpected fashion and tend to be fated.

Does “fated” mean absolute? I don’t think so — but it does mean that we are given a strong signal; what we do with it does determine our “fate’.

So here’s a quick run-through of some of the Democratic debate contenders and the astrology of this time… if you would like me to focus on someone I’ve not mentioned, just ask – I will not predict a winner as we move forward, but rather I will predict what the USA will look like if certain candidates win… I have come to believe that is a better role for an astrologer than to call the race.

In no particular order —

 Kamala Harris: I will write more about this smart lady in the months to come, but for this piece let me just say that she is stepping on the stage to activate the people. Whether this carries her to the presidency is yet to be seen, but with her North Node close to the USA Mars, she challenges the country. On the other hand, this could activate the “protectors of the status quo”, so we will see what the dice roll. She can take whatever gets thrown at her.

She was born on an Aries Full Moon, so she is measured, purposeful and does not suffer fools. She is a visionary and a warrior.

Her Saturn (taskmaster) is on the USA natal Moon in Aquarius, so she feels a mandate that her country must do good work as she defines it. When she told VP Biden his decisions on bussing were “hurtful”, she made the decision to say that not for herself, but for the people she represents.

Joe Biden: There’s no question that the first debate threw out the old guard, As valuable as voices like Bernie’s and Joe’s may have been in the past, they paled next to the renewed passion of younger emissaries. The eclipse season highlights that the body gets tired and it’s enough to have carried the torch for a time. Joe Biden is a Scorpio with a Taurus Moon; he doesn’t give up easily. But with the eclipse lighting his natal Jupiter (wisdom), he may decide that his role is to make way for the vanguard and allow the future.

Bernie Sanders: Bernie shares an Aries Moon with Harris and connects with some of her Virgo planets. He REALLY wants to have the last word but what is more important to him is to serve. I think these two people connect and respect one another. Bernie wants to change the status quo, but he will release his hold when he sees an able representative takes his place.

Elizabeth Warren: First off, the riveting part of her horoscope is that she was born at 0° Cancer 57″. Whether you like her or not, she has the potential to make an impact on the world stage. The eclipses light up her 10th house of career, so the spotlight is hers, for better and worse. With the North Node close to her Venus at both eclipses, she may be perceived in a more welcome light than in the past.

Marianne Williamson: Those who write off Williamson as a whack-job best remember the reaction by some to Donald Trump’s run. There is NO comparison between these two people other than they are celebrities who speak to a certain percentage of the populace.

Although I do not believe that Williamson could or truly wants to be president, her Cancer planets (Uranus, Sun and Venus) hug the USA Sun. Her North Node in Aquarius is close enough to the USA Moon to let us know that the majority of the public probably heard her points. She dissed “plans” because she recognized that Trump won on slogans and Fear. Plenty in the public realize that plans often don’t come to fruition.

Williamson called the US health plan a “sickness plan” and most people have felt the smack of that reality.

And she called for accountability – for compensation and reparation to the descendants of slaves. As of this writing, Republicans are throwing money at her campaign to keep this “vibrant voice in the Democratic debates”. They think she’s a joke… but she does articulate points that resonate with a certain percentage of voters that more seasoned politicians will not say.

Williamson articulated something that has never been said on a debate stage in my recollection. Since the post Civil War Reconstruction pandered to the Southern landowners once Andrew Jackson became president, the USA holds a culture that has never done justice. Lincoln’s vision was that the freed slaves would be compensated, but his assassination killed that fire.

The lack of justice diminishes the strength of the USA. This has been a repeated pattern. First the annihilation and incarceration of the indigenous population of America. Then the shameful legacy of slavery, the incarceration of Japanese citizens during WWII and now the herding of immigrants at the southern border… and many injustices in between.

The county of “we the people” has a reckoning that looms with its Pluto Return; these eclipses stir the fires of unrest. There is a difference between compromise and forgoing a vision, and the eclipses tend to bring that into sharp contrast.

The Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon occurs on July 16 at 5:38 PM ET; the moon is 24° Capricorn 04″. This lights up the USA natal Mercury Retrograde. The contact with Mercury emphasizes this eclipse series “main theme being either news involving young people or news that transforms a situation”.

Although not part of the debates, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a strong presence this eclipse season. A young voice, it’s interesting to note that her connections with the USA chart are about wisdom (Jupiter). The Soul of the country knows better, and she is calling it to task. She steps right into the shame of the treatment of immigrants at the US border to force awareness.

Both the debates and AOC’s visit to the camps have occurred BEFORE the first eclipse. Remember, before an eclipse events work out in an unexpected fashion and tend to be fated.

Which brings me to President Trump’s spontaneous meeting with North Korea’s Kim at the DMZ. In spite of the news buzz this meeting generated, actions begun before an eclipse tend to be eclipsed.

The news focus about the unprecedented step of a US President into the DMZ close to North Korea quickly disappeared because of a viral video of his daughter Ivanka at the G20 conference.

This year’s July 4th celebration at the National Mall will be President Trump’s “Salute to America,” during which he plans to address the gathered. Wedged between this eclipse cycle, the event may be a high that falls quite low. It’s difficult to maintain the adrenaline when accountability calls — and it will.

The July 16 Lunar Eclipse is close to his natal Saturn/Venus, so friction with women and feeling undervalued are themes President Trump will experience for months to come. We can expect some sort of highlight in that arena. Born on a Full Moon Eclipse, this US president is always triggered by any eclipse.

These eclipses touch us all. Look to see where Capricorn/Cancer falls in your horoscope and where you have planets or angles around 10° and 24° cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). This lets you know how personal the eclipses are for you. Regardless, the houses in which they fall indicate the areas of life to gain messages and insight. What went on in your life the summer of 2001 and before that 1983 suggests echoes of what can be revealed now.

*This from a post I wrote in 2008: “In the United States horoscope, natal Pluto is in late Capricorn and the next several years will determine how the US will be poised for its reassessment of its revolutionary roots in 2022. When I was researching other countries that have had Pluto returns (every 248 years) I realized a difficulty.

Most countries have gone through major political restructuring changes, so the way their government body functions seldom lasts that long (which “births” a new horoscope). Even though the US is a relatively young country compared to Europeans, the US government structure has lasted longer than most.

The UK’s national horoscope** did have a Pluto return in 1953 when a huge storm flooded a great deal of the country and took hundreds of lives. Communication went down so areas that could have been warned were not. Docklands, oil refineries, factories, cement works, gasworks and electricity generating stations were flooded and brought to a standstill. It is recorded on the BBC site that the environment secretary said: “The devastating floods of 1953 were a “once-in-250 year event” (which is the orbit of Pluto around the Sun- did she know astrology?). The other major event for the UK that year was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

For an individual, a Pluto transit characteristic is the sense that you must surrender all illusion of control. That’s why the less conscious a person is of how things in their life must change, the more devastating the transit can be. In time, ideally one has the sense of the phoenix rising from the ashes as life gets on another track. When a country experiences a Pluto transit, it will affect its financial or political power. Whether or not this happens through catastrophes depends on its awareness of the need for real change.

Although the US has over a decade before Pluto will return, it would behoove its government to guide corporations and planners to buttress vulnerable areas of the coastline and create environmentally secure developments. The east coast of Britain has always been at risk of coastal flooding, and there are many tenuous areas in the US.

Using the cautious and deliberate symbolism of Capricorn (the goat carefully and deliberately scaling the mountain) can benefit corporate development if it takes into account the real concerns of environmental planning. The danger in Capricorn’s symbolism can be when gain and greed become more important than responsibility.

** this analysis uses the 1707 chart with the constitutional union of Scotland. One can also use the 1922 chart for the Britain which is the reorganization— when it was named UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — but that Pluto Return has a way to go.

More for July 2019 – Mercury Retrograde occurs on July 7 through July 31. We enter the shadow of the retrograde on June 28, so a proactive time to back up files is near. Mercury Retrograde affects some people and industries more than others. It’s the planet that symbolizes communications, commutation and vehicles.

People born with Gemini, Virgo or Mercury strong in their horoscopes are especially sensitive to Mercury Retrograde. The best defense is to recognize that this time calls to us to reflect and consider reactions before action. With Neptune Retrograde as well, you might benefit from a restorative retreat.