©Cucinell 2014

©Cucinell 2014

For my April 29 Forecast, published yesterday…

Extra impressions after my New Moon gathering: Venus is the planet of love, beauty and money (yes, $). Since Venus is the planet traditionally linked to Taurus, her placement at the time of this Solar Eclipse is very telling. Venus is in Pisces, a water sign which can indicate an easy flow of wealth and blessings. With Saturn in Scorpio, the ability to connect with investors or make sage investments, is keen (for some).

Always with an eclipse, we are advised to reign in decisions and not to act in haste. Yet the energy of the eclipse can feel like a jolt of absolute certainty. Solar eclipses tend to bubble up through the unconscious- with messages in dreams or symbolic synchronicity. This particular New Moon has an urgency that follows over the next few days, as paths seem to beckon seductively. It’s not necessarily a mistake to act if you feel so moved, just be clear that this is indeed what you want.

Since this is a Taurus New Moon, the key is the tactile: do you feel the absolute rightness of a decision within your body? Turn off the chatter mind and tune into the physicality of your body in this space at this time. If you don’t feel at peace with a choice, then give it a few days. Whatever gets put in motion this month is not easily derailed. Be sure you’re ready for the long haul or wait for the next train. The complete April 29 Forecast, published yesterday…

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