Da Vinci_ChakrasForecast 12/18 

Some may get out of bed on the wrong side, which can cause an early morning argument if a partner gets smushed along the way.

Tempers are a bit hot, so this is an excellent opportunity to channel the fire into exercise or yoga breathwork. Morning conflict does not bode well for overall productivity, so get out of your way in the healthiest manner.

Remember that when there’s a lot of electronic emissions from our energetic fields, we tend to attract similar radiation. If you feel your “temperature rising” than you always want to channel it consciously, otherwise it tends to erupt untethered; not a good thing!

After 9:30 a.m., things should quiet and the ability to focus increases. Plan to work on something that requires follow-through. If there’s someone powerful you need to connect with, reach out before 9:40 a.m.

That 10 minute window creates a terrific corridor for you to make a necessary overture. If you just leave a message, it’s enough; the match is ignited.
Regardless of how uphill today may feel, don’t be discouraged, you are laying great groundwork.

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