papaForecast 9/24

Today’s Aquarius Moon may encourage social networking, humanitarian efforts and/or a desire to find logic in an emotional situation.

Interestingly, Pope Francis was born with the Moon in Aquarius, so from yesterday afternoon through tomorrow, he is in his element. The USA horoscope also has the Aquarius Moon, so the majority of the US populace does groove on this Pope, regardless of faith. More about the pope’s horoscope…

A clear “to do” list or agenda in the morning helps to keep on task, unless you are comfortable with multiple deadline tension. Easy communication midday offers temporary relief but don’t expect it to continue.

Problem-solving is today’s theme; a Mercury/Pluto picture indicates that mysteries do not easily offer their secrets. Save important negotiations for another day, especially ones that can tip into melodrama (like divorce or a trust).

Mars moves into Virgo at 10:18 PM. This begins a cycle when desire can be channeled into the tangible.

Those with earth and water signs prevalent in their horoscope, especially in their natal placement of Mars, may find the next few weeks highly productive.

The evening lends itself to unusual entertainment or inspired moments. If you’re in the Peekskill area, join me at the Open House for 925 South

If you’re up or out around midnight, keep an even keel. Any feelings of dissatisfaction or conflict most likely evaporate shortly after.

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