Elemental Changes

The four elements, Earth, air, fire and water provide a foundation for Jungian psychology which led to Myers-Briggs types. When you explore these four ancient elements experientially, you can develop a greater self-awareness and ability to be present.

I know a bit about CS Jung; his mystical approach to psychology has both informed my work and benefited me to become more conscious through the analytical process. I was curious about Myers-Briggs, and a quick Google showed me they were a mother and daughter.

Katharine Cook Briggs had only had one child, Isabel Briggs-Myers, whom she taught everything. And as children do, Isabel taught her mother as well.

A Libra Sun, Isabel became interested in her mother’s research once the psychological piece was added to it. Isabel had skills in partnering that made her a perfect colleague. Katharine’s Jupiter (symbolizing wisdom) is right on her daughter’s Sun — the light of Isabel’s Sun is what eventually brought all of Katharine’s research to the greater world.

On the other hand, Isabel had no fire planets. Fire inspires. Katharine had Venus in Sagittarius, so the planet that symbolized how she loved and what attracted her was in the sign of exploration. Since Jupiter was in Libra, these two planets were in “mutual reception” — in one another’s natural sign. So Katharine’s favorite method to explore and gain knowledge was in partnership. Without her mother’s early work and passion, Isabel would have done valuable work, but probably not as groundbreaking.

Libra is an air sign. Air is the element of communication, exchange of ideas and the written word. Katharine had no personal planets in air, but she did have the authority energy of Jupiter and Saturn in it. Her Jupiter In Libra lit up her daughter’s Sun (symbol of self-expression). I imagine Isabel encouraged animated conversations with her mother simply by her presence. When we lack or are thin in an element, we often draw people to us to help us “work that muscle”.

Elemental changes happen when two or more people come together and trigger one another. The mother-daughter team of Myers – Briggs became a powerful force because of the mix of their astrology connections (symbolic of their inner makeup).

Earth, air, fire and water. These two women had the alchemical stuff required to create a test that still is the benchmark for business and career placements.

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