The moon in Cancer creates a mood for nesting, gardening and environments with water.

Avoid power struggles especially at high noon, especially with your mother (!) or anyone who makes you feel vulnerable. The lesson in the moment is to determine the balance between survival and power (not a very rational place to be). So if you’re not “in the present”, you might react in ways that would cause Spock to arch an eyebrow… “illogical”

The mood passes, although there is a bubbling cauldron of emotional energy at play today; water signs and cardinal signs do well to watch how and why they react to situations.

©Cucinell 2011

The antidote is to give yourself opportunities to calm, breathe and be surrounded by things and people that make you feel safe. If you sense an argument brewing, get your sites on what is truly important and usually you can sidestep any temperamental quicksand.

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