fireworksDivination: Astrology 12/31/15

This is the last day of the “8” year, one that prepared many of us for better business and financial foundations.

If you feel there’s still some work to do in this area, then you are primed for your intentions of 2016.  The lovely part about this is that we move into a “9” year— which is about completion. So if there’s more to do, then you can take advantage of Jupiter in Virgo, and put your efforts into learning how to make the machine run well.

The “machine” may be your physical, spiritual or financial health, because all pieces need to work together to bring you to where you’d like to be. I offer several general overviews of 2016, some upcoming so be sure to look for the posts.

If you didn’t hear it yet, you’ll want to listen to the 2016 Astrology Forecast that I did with Master Healer, Suzy Meszoly and her guided meditations. This is the link for our special broadcast.

The complete New Year’s Eve divination can be found here…