Enjoy the Ride! 

When you feel the momentum and the wind on your back, it can be extremely challenging to slow your pace.

The Aries Moon shows you an open road, so it’s tempting to take off, whether or not you’ve packed your gear or filled the tank. You may hit a snare or have to explain your position but the winners are those who take the opportunity regardless of any flak.

Whatever tries to pull you down doesn’t stick and it actually may help you in the long run. It can be useful to check the tires and make sure you have what you need, even if you experience a little power struggle.

Once you surge ahead you leave any naysayers in the dust.

Enjoy the inspiration that comes from liberation.

This can be an evening when you don’t want to wind down, so if you’ve an early morning on Friday, it’s best to get off electronics and do some yoga or exercise to quiet the day’s fast pace.