woman balance vermeerForecast 1/12

Mars enters Pisces for about a 5-week run.

When the planet that symbolizes action goes into the sign of the visionary, you might experience an exhilarating desire for creativity or feel as though the water has been thrown on a flame (it depends on your personal horoscope).

Regardless, meditation provides tremendous insight, so be sure to put it on your daily calendar.

With the Libra Moon, the morning indicates some lovely feelings of wonder with the potential for an early upset or altercation. This can be fleeting or disruptive. It can be personal or something you hear on the news.

Whether it affects you in the microcosm or the macrocosm, your response is critical. Picture the image of Libra, two slender dishes on a balance; we strive for equilibrium in spite of the continual forces that shift our footing.

Each time you are able to right your step and get centered, you help right the big picture. That’s why it is so important for each of us to not get swallowed up into the chaos.

Breathe. After noon much can be accomplished.

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